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About Montrose

An innovative, Australian company, located in Sydney, Montrose delivers its services to its customers throughout Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand. The goal is always to assist our clients in ways which will improve the management of their business.

Superior Execution

We appreciate that in business today, a very high level of expertise from highly experienced personnel is required – people who can “take charge” of projects from an initial working session. At Montrose, we are proud of our depth of knowledge in our areas of specialisation and of the reputation that we have built since the company was established in 1994.

Superior Methodology

Montrose methodologies,such as that for business continuity management / disaster recovery planning, provide the means to deliver service to the customer which is “right first time”, always on schedule, and delivered within budget.

Excellent Team

Its people give Montrose its most significant advantage.
People who are specialists in their areas, who are highly qualified, who are highly experienced and who are dedicated to ensuring that the customer obtains the maximum benefit.

Large Client Base

Montrose is proud of its ever expanding client base which includes Private Sector Corporations as well as Federal, State and Local Government agencies.

Uniquely Qualified

Montrose, with its enviable client base, highly experienced and qualified management consultants, its formalised methodologies and quality standards is indeed uniquely qualified to add value to our client’s businesses. Montrose leadership has been proven many times by the consistent delivery of comprehensive and practical solutions.